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Commonwealth Bank Australia
A 30% cost reduction with increased accuracy across 800 sites of a retail network.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), one of Australia’s “Big Four” banks, has a large retail network of branches that operate nationally including both metropolitan and rural destinations.

The network of branches are key assets to CBA’s commitment to customer experience, but in the face of a brand update, can prove to be a logistical challenge.

Sustainable cost savings

Sourcing and supplying sign manufacturers can be a complex task. Particularly if unfamiliar with the industry and unresolved in the industrial design. Such was the case for CBA, who had embarked on a new retail brand look but hadn’t quite resolved the material, construction methods or industrial designs for their family of signs.

The task ahead of them was immense. 800 retail branches across its network. CBA needed a partner to develop the technical specifications for the whole family of signs and ATM’s.

The brief was simple: Engineer a new signage Kit of Parts and provide sustainable cost savings combined with better quality outcomes. A brand signage standards document needed to be produced to set the standard for all 800 future brand refurbishments.

Multi-rite rollout

Working from concepts created by Moon Communications, Diadem collaborated with CBA’s retail design division to develop the external signage suite for CBA’s retail network.

With sign tooling carried out in China and robust tender specifications, Diadem was able to reduce CBA’s cost structure by 30% and increase the quality and consistency of the installed product.

Prototypes were developed from detailed specifications, and a Kit of Parts manual produced. CBA is rolling out the new look at a rate of 100 branches a year in a process of continuous design improvement.

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