Arriving at Australia’s best place to work 41

We couldn’t be happier to assist a great Australian success story in their creation of a great workplace environment.

A high-growth start-up

In five years, Atlassian’s Sydney office has grown from 100 to 650 employees. “This incredible growth could only have been accomplished by a true team effort,” said co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes to Business Insider. “Our Talent team lead the way as we relentlessly reinforce our unique culture where everyone can truly do their best work in an environment they love.”

We’re excited to congratulate Atlassian on winning Australia’s best place to work in BRW’s national survey of more than 28,000 workers by Great Place To Work Australia.




Reinforcing a unique culture

It was author and management guru Peter Drucker that once said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. It’s easy to see why when you step into an environment as dynamic and vibrant as Atlassian.


Atlassian needed a design solution that would convey a sense of arrival for clients visiting their heritage Sydney building, and reinforce their brand. And with the CEO inbound, they needed it in two weeks.

The solution needed to illustrate their commitment to growth and the culture of their unique start-up aesthetic.

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