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Big Time Darling Harbour
Asked to provide semi-permanent installations to enliven a busy precinct we got to work with a playful idea that would set Darling Harbour apart.

A little gem

Darling Harbour is one of Australia little gems. With dining, shopping and entertainment for locals and tourists alike, the diverse precinct offers an experience for all.

Managed by Property NSW, Darling Harbour regularly stages big events and holds cultural festivals playing host to 25 million visitors throughout each year.

Temporary installations

Darling Harbour was launching a new brand to enliven the precinct, courtesy of Interbrand Australia, with a typeface stylised as an inflatable balloon.

The challenge was to assess the feasibility and manage the manufacture and installation of a set of temporary installation to celebrate the new brand. Various locations had been selected to give the precinct a playful feel, in light of the large scale building works underway nearby and to ensure that the public knew that Darling Harbour was still “active”.


Customised brand signage

The task for Diadem began with interpreting Interbrand Australia’s brand design into a built reality. Considering style, scale, size, materiality, legibility, durability, and longevity, all while maintaining strict maintenance requirements and tethering options in-line with the council regulations, given that all of the installations would be outdoors.

The solutions were custom signage outcomes that we coined ‘inflatables’. Complete with crinkles and seams to help convey a floating, helium balloon-like appearance, these were crafted from a variety of fit for purpose materials, such as fibreglass, concrete and actual balloon materials, leveraging Diadem’s vast specialist fabrication network.

The build reality echoed the design intent and created a space and customer experience that set Darling Harbour apart and ensured that it came “alive” again.

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