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GPT Wollongong
Urban development can be more than just a retail space; they can transform and connect a city. Something we were privileged to be involved with.

A truly catalytic urban transformation

The new West Kiera building for Wollongong Central sets out to establish a new vibe for retail in the region. The centre opened on October 9, 2014, Designed by architects Rice Daubney who describe the project as “pivotal in creating a truly catalytic urban transformation for Wollongong.”

GPT have a close working relationship with Wollongong City Council and have the common goal of the revitalization of the City Centre with major road improvements complementing the increased retailing.

With the aim to bring about change and deliver a new city experience, GPT’s Wollongong Central secures its place as the leading retail destination for the beautiful Illawarra region.

Linking old and new

An important part of the delivered solutions was a link from the new build with the two existing buildings and car parks. Developing a seamless link between old and new; the solution would need to consolidate the concept design, strategy and car park signage into a single and concise signage and wayfinding package. All while maintaining the original design intent.

Developed by Emery Studio, the ‘folded planes’ concepts were created to complement the facets of the architecture.

Diadem and the GPT group have worked together on a number of projects. This latest endeavour is an excellent example of the benefits of communication and a strong understanding of project outcomes.

Wayfinding and strategy

A long time coming, Diadem had been involved from the inception of the project, preparing a wayfinding strategy, journey planning, review and recommendations.

We developed and managed a fabulous relationship with the client team while completing various elements of wayfinding design, documentation along with project procurement and implementation.

The challenge for this design was to work out how we could design and build complex folded directional signs to ensure structural integrity and aesthetic form.

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