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Spark (Telecom NZ)
25 retail sites in an overnight launch; this would be a challenge. But one we would do with a smile on our face.

Transforming a business

This was an ambitious rebrand. Spark aimed to rebuild their company culture across New Zealand. Not only that, Telecom were looking to transform their business, changing their name, expanding their offering and represent a changing customer demand.

Spark symbolises the enormous changes that are happening within our customers’ lives, within our business, and in the world around us.

Brand statement

Unbiased experience

Spark needed a fresh and clean rebrand experience that would reflect the cultural change within the business. This would be an opportunity to realise hidden potential.

Spark needed a partner to think creatively and strategically, to provide an unbiased approach to the transition and as the production moved from creative to operational departments. Accuracy was paramount.

Spark is a word that has life and energy, and links to the creativity of New Zealanders, the modern tech economy and our desire to enable our customers to thrive. It will carry with it our widely recognised logo, which is generally referred to as the ‘spark’.

Chief Executive - Simon Moutter

Multi-site rebranding

Our integrated services model provided Spark with strategies to ensure cost efficiencies, quality and long-lasting brand consistency.

With a tight timeline to execute, Diadem was engaged to design and manage the transformation of 25 retail sites in a ‘hard launch’ and then the remaining 63 sites over a four week period following.

From the out-set, it was made abundantly clear by the client that the launch date of 8 August 2014 was locked in and will not be extended. Therefore, the greatest challenge in this project was the four month lead-time to complete the tasks and execute an overnight rebrand at selected sites across New Zealand’s main cities.

Our scope included:

  • Site Audits
  • Documentation
  • Kit of Parts
  • Prototyping
  • Tender & Procurement
  • Implementation Management

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