A masterbrand multi-site rollout 38

Kmart Tyre and Auto Service
12,500 Branded Elements, 250 Site in 50 Branded Kit of Parts in 23 Tranches over two years.

Opportunity for greater recognition

Kmart Tyre and Auto Service is an Australian chain of auto-centres, usually attached to a Kmart retail store. Expanding in 2006 to a small number of vehicle servicing facilities at Shell service stations, Kmart Tyre and Auto Service has grown to over 240 outlets throughout Australia.

Research identified that the Kmart brand had substantial recognition in the retail sector, yet the Tyre and Auto business had an opportunity to improve and gain greater recognition.

Capitalising on intrinsic value

Davidson Branding was engaged to rejuvenate the Kmart Tyre and Auto Service masterbrand and associated nomenclature. Diadem was engaged to assist with the design process; specifically, the physical space overlay.

Kmart Tyre and Auto Service has a large percentage of properties that have an intrinsic media value; assets and properties located near major roads, within shopping centres and in car parks – an almost captive audience.

Multi-site rebranding

During planning, it became apparent that flexibility within the procurement strategy would not only provide cost savings but also bring efficiencies to the project delivery. Assembling a vast panel of suppliers to cater for the geographical spread of the sites and the overlapping delivery requirements.

The solution took two years of specialist project management to develop and roll out 50 Branded Kit of Parts to 250 Sites with 12,500 individual branded elements.

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