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RMIT’s history and legacy in development and growth is an important part of Melbourne’s history and one we’re incredibly proud to have contributed to.

Royal patronage

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) is a historic university established in 1887 as the Working Men’s College. The university was awarded Royal patronage by Queen Elizabeth II for its educational service and contribution to the war effort – giving it the right to use the prefix “Royal.”

Since it’s founding days, RMIT has grown and flourished, now a vital part of the City of Melbourne and highly sought after for its technology and design courses, among others. During the 90’s the university gained status and developed campuses across Victoria and internationally in Vietnam and then in Spain, in 2013.

International recognition

From their academic buildings in Europe to the construction of their $20 million academic expansion in Vietnam, RMIT continues to grow and impress. The Ho Chi Minh City Campus is designed in line with Australian 5-Star standards in sustainability, the new Vietnamese campus complemented the existing Hanoi campus, providing educational spaces interspersed with social areas and placed where collaborative projects can take place.

Diadem began working with RMIT in 2000 where, in conjunction with Chris Perks Design, we developed their original wayfinding strategy and signage suite. Over these 17 years since, we’ve been delivering projects across all campuses, including internationally, modifying and updating the package as required. Our work for them has included sky signs, directional signage, wayfinding and statutory signage. Including the delivery of two 15-metre signs to the new campus in Vietnam.

Our work for this iconic and international education facility is something we take immense pride in. We’ve had a hand in their expansion as their campuses open their doors to more and more students all over the world each year.

"Diadem acts as a trusted advisor for RMIT signage projects, managing everything from design to delivery."

Signage and wayfinding

We’ve also been involved in the implementation of signage and wayfinding at the innovative new RMIT Design Hub. Internationally, we’ve worked on identification signage for RMIT Europe’s campus in Barcelona Spain including signage to the entry and lobby.

In addition, we were contracted by RMIT to undertake a critical review of their existing signage guidelines manual with an aim to bring their existing signage suite in line with disability access review requirements. We worked in consultation with Equal Access to develop an updated signage manual and additional signage types to cater to all need of RMIT’s students.

In 2011 we updated the manual again to reflect changed in the RMIT brand and have since continued implementing a range of signage construction projects, both locally and internationally.

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