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BMW Australia
A global brand with a rich history of quality, consistency and sheer “driving pleasure” makes BMW Australia a relationship we are very proud to have.


BMW doesn’t just build cars. BMW’s brand exist to create emotion, enthusiasm, fascination and thrills. BMW create “driving pleasure”. With the perfect combination of dynamic, sporty performance, ground-breaking innovations and breath-taking design BMW have a leading global brand that is dedicated to the driver and ultimately to customer experience.

For BMW Australia, this extends to each of their sub-brands; Mini, BMW Financial Services and Alphera, and the environments in which they operate.

The automotive industry is rich with brands from all over the world. Standing out, building preference and consideration among customers is an imperative part of the entire customer journey.

In addition, it’s also about people, the brand’s promise to them, the environment that the brand and product create along with the customer experience. This now extends into innovation as organisations aim to remain relevant in a rapidly changing technology landscape. BMW is one such offering, giving customers sustainable mobility solutions in the form of electric vehicles that lead the way in alternative drivetrains, lightweight design and aerodynamics.

Brands are a company’s biggest USP: They combine emotion, design and heritage with the promise of high quality.

Harald Krüger | Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG

Customer touchpoints

One particularly important touchpoint for customers to experience an automotive brand is in the showroom. The brand experience is immersive and the presentation of the cars is a curated and purpose-driven experience. The environment, the staff, the layout and architecture all contribute to a branded environment customers can remember.

BMW Australia have been a longstanding and valued relationship for over 17 years – Our first engagement was in 2000 – BMW needed to produce a point of sale product line that included specification stands, brochure displays, colour and trim displays and feature floors. The objective was to produce a locally made and cost-effective solution alternative to the costly import of German built designs. The design needed to reflect that “German quality” synonymous with the BMW brand but the volumes were low enough to make the design and procurement a particular challenge.

Following an intensive design process and extensive prototyping, a solution was achieved and rolled out nationwide to 42 dealerships and subsequently upgraded again in 2005 with relevant changes to the corporate identity.

It didn’t just stop with BMW retail stores either. Diadem was also commissioned to develop multi-brand point of sale product lines. These products were designed to support the sales process via financing but in a generic, multi-brand range that could be deployed at non-BMW and non-BMW dealerships alike.

Following an intensive design process and extensive prototyping, a solution was achieved and rolled out nationwide to 42 dealerships.

Innovation large and small

Our breadth of involvement across the BMW portfolio underlines our long-standing relationship as a trusted brand manager for BMW Australia for over 17 years. And it doesn’t stop at the dealerships.

In 2017 BMW Australia partnered with Scentre Group to install 40 new electrical charging stations at 10 Westfield shopping centres nationally. The 8,000 Electronic vehicles (EVs) in operation in Australia is expected to grow to 35,000 by 2024. And now, EV drivers will have access to four charging stations at Westfield shopping centres.

Diadem is working closely with Imagination to interpret the concept into the centres in Westfield Bondi Junction, Chatswood, Miranda, Sydney, Parramatta, Warringah Mall, Carindale, Chermside, Doncaster and Southland.

Internally, innovation matters to the BMW brand as well. BMW awards its dealer network every year with recognition for their performance and adherence to the brand. This is something BMW choose to esteem through the production of customised, artisan-produced trophies.

Diadem has been producing and supplying these trophies to BMW Australia since 2000. The handmade awards are artisan produced to “silversmith-like” standards with consistent reproduction and attention to detail. The key ingredient in supplying these handcrafted products to BMW has been identifying the specialist metal-working artisans who can reproduce the high quality, low volume designs at a smaller ‘human’ scale with consistency.

It is the combination of our enduring partnership, our intimate understanding of BMW’s brand ethos and the breadth of Diadem’s design and procurement expertise that makes this relationship a successful one.

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