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ANZ Bank
We share a commitment to customers, brand and geographic flexibility. Our relationship is something we’re incredibly proud of.

A global bank

ANZ is a top-4 Australian Bank. Providing banking and finance products and services to more than 5.7 million customers and employing over 39,000 people worldwide. Acquisitions of the Royal Bank of Scotland and ING in the Asia Pacific has led to a growing cultural diversity of the bank’s customer base.

The bank began operations as The Bank of Australasia in 1835 before merging with the Union Bank of Australia to form the Australia and New Zealand Bank Limited (ANZ Bank) in 1951. Today, their brand promise reads “we live in your world” a position they hold strongly today – but one that precipitates a commitment to growth in the Asia Pacific markets.

In 2009 ANZ launched a new brand identity and positioning in support of their “super regional” strategy. The look took 18 months to develop and represents a commitment to customers and the three key geographies the bank is committed to – Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific. Allowing the bank to connect with customers in countries where Roman characters aren’t used to connect with a brand.

ANZ is increasingly a regional bank operating in 32 countries and speaking 19 different languages. A strong, unified brand across all our geographies is an important part of our future growth.

Mike Smith | CEO, ANZ Bank

An international partnership

Our relationship with ANZ Bank started in 2001 when we were engaged to rebrand 800 branches nationally over 2 years. Throughout this engagement, we became immersed in the retail operations of the bank and were referred numerous additional projects including strategic planning for rollouts, the developments of brand guidelines for the built environment, procurements advice and supply chain partners, risk assessments, bespoke design and high-volume roll-outs.

Throughout 2005/2007 Diadem was called on to provide design management services on an ongoing basis as branches were refurbished or relocated as part of a 200 site national program. This included close collaboration with appointed providers such as Lend Lease, JLL and associated architects.

In addition to the tactical execution, we were engaged during the brand development process in 2009. Working closely and strategically with executives in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and the project steering committee, not only were we responsible for rebranding 800+ locations in Australia, 200+ locations in New Zealand and new locations in Asia Pacific in a roll-out across 32 countries, we were also responsible for developing the international brand guidelines for branches, corporate offices and exclusive private banking facilities.

In 2016, working closely with Bluesky Design, Diadem aided the development of a bespoke representation of ANZ’s brand in their flagship store on Martin Place in Sydney.

Throughout the course of our long-standing relationship, Diadem has been a trusted partner and repeatedly called upon to work on site-specific projects, refurbishments, relocations and even stock management of bulk procured items.

A longstanding relationship

For over 16-years Diadem has worked with various areas of the bank including brand, marketing, property and procurement. The services we’ve provided to ANZ Bank are broad and stretched across design, town planning, engineering, brand guidelines, specials effect lighting, prototyping, sustainability, procurement, non-traditional supply channels, product selection and specification, tendering processes and EH&S.

In many ways, our relationship with ANZ Bank is an illustration that typifies the many benefits of working with Diadem and why we enjoy such long tenures with clients even though we’re not formally contracted long-term.

Since 2001, some of our notable projects have included:

  • Simultaneous installation of new brand sky signs across all regions to mark the brand launch.
  • During the rebrand rollout in 2009/11, we designed a system to retrofit approximately 1500 under-awning signs with a new design. This design saved the disposal of 35 tonne of aluminium.
  • ANZ’s New Zealand ATMs were planned to be disposed of and replaced with a new design. Diadem proposed a retrofit panel design that saved ZN$1.2M in production and replacement costs.


Throughout this relationship, Diadem has been a key partner to ANZ providing specialist roll-out strategies that mitigated project. This was enacted on more than one occasion.

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