3D printing used in rebrand 85

Following the acquisition of global real estate business DTZ, Diadem helped UGL implement its new brand identity that was applied globally.

A global rebrand

In what was labelled a “key step” in a journey to become the world leader in global property services; global services company UGL completed an acquisition of DTZ, a global real estate services company with strong brand and operations in Asia and a rich history dating back to 1784.

With market leadership in China and the UK, UGL saw this as an opportunity to reach their brand to new high growth markets in Asia while expanding their geographic footprint to cover the UK and European markets as well.

Brand standardisation

Fundamental to any large corporate rebranding program, be that national or global, is the need to ensure the brand elements are consistently applied. Difficulties can be experienced with language and culture as well as variations in materials, manufacturing processes and execution.

To help ensure the ‘on-brand’ application of the new UGL identity, Diadem was engaged to prepare a global standard for the physical application of the brand. To help control unwanted variations Diadem acted as the central management partner for all site data that was received from the field. With a ‘central source of truth’ Diadem prepared site-specific brand applications for all UGL offices.

Innovation and creativity

The new UGL brand was created as unique 3-dimensional shape with complex curves. Always looking to innovate, Diadem utilised revolutionary 3D printing technology to produce the core UGL logo device. The 3D printed logos were despatched to premium UGL locations around the world where local contractors were engaged to complete the installation.

The result was a unique expression of UGL’s brand, delivered with creativity and certainty.

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