Australia’s most prominent sign 

Eight years ago, we helped a new sign shine brightly over Sydney’s north. Now it’s time for a new brand to shine brightly, but which one will it be?

Fivex owned building towers over the Warringah Freeway, close to the northern end of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge. Bayer’s lease finished in October 2016 and now, for the first time in 15 years, the space that looks over nearly a quarter-million cars every day is available.

‘Australia’s most prominent sign’ wraps around three sides of the building nearly eight metres tall. Nick Lenaghan, from the Australian Financial Review, states that over 150,000 vehicles make the journey past the sign to the Sydney Harbour Bridge every day, with a further 90,000 vehicles accessing the tunnel.

At the heart of building a sky sign of this size is more than just an eye for design and branding. Understanding the complexities of building at scale and ensuring that the design is met with management and procurement in the most effective ways possible.

Illumination is a paramount consideration and ensuring the best, most innovative solutions are put forward; making sure the best and most impressive sky sign is awarded to whoever is the fortunate winner of the lease.

When Diadem designed and implemented the sky sign on this building for German pharmaceutical giant Bayer in 2008, the design challenge was to fit their logo devices to an atypical structure while staying true to the brand. Not only bringing the sign to life through illumination, but ensuring its scale truly reflected to prominence of the location.

Naturally, we're excited to see what happens next...

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