Diadem is about our people, our specialised knowledge, and how we do what we do.


Our leadership team

The founding partners

John Saddington | Adrian Calleri | Dominic Russo

Our history

Founders Adrian, John and Dominic first came together in 2000 with the vision of building a business that would one day hold a reputation as experts in signage, wayfinding and branded environments. Over the last 17+ years they have carried out that vision. Each of the founding partners now recognised in industry circles as highly experienced and capable of exploring the possibilities within branded environments, from management to design and implementation.


While all three founding partners have differing backgrounds, they share a common entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to deliver world-class projects. Each of the founding partners remains actively involved and the strength of their 17+ year partnership continues to lead the organisation into new horizons and opportunities.

Diadem’s creation was an opportunity to combine each of the founding partner’s unique expertise, industry knowledge and client networks. It provided an opportunity to assist brands with the challenges of implementation – a need which has only grown since.


We empower people to do more; to take delight in built environments and to inspire each other to do their best and most fulfilling work.

Our culture

We’re one team, celebrating and supporting each other’s success. We challenge ourselves, our clients and conventions while developing mutual trust and respect. We explore possibilities that achieve smarter outcomes and by taking responsibility and accountability for our work, we strive to build relationships of quality and value, that last.


Diadem is a truly unique consultancy. We cultivate an approach to giving advice that’s frank and fearless – putting honesty and great work first. Even the project managers are involved in the design process, combining strategic and tactical expertise to build unique and forward-thinking solutions for our clients.

This is a place for people to do exceptional work with international brands and unique and challenging projects. Our values-driven culture puts focus on our clients, pushing and striving for people to do their best.

We work with one objective: to achieve the best possible project outcome.

Collaboration is in our DNA

We empower people to do more, whether that’s our clients, partners or each other.  Since our formation in 2000, the Diadem team has grown to over 80 people across six offices. Our people represent a diverse range of design and management disciplines with that same collective aim: inspire each other to do our best and most fulfilling work.


We are constantly realising ideas from possibilities to bring brands to life. We work closely with agencies, architects and clients to achieve the best possible project outcomes. The scale and calibre of the projects we take on motivate us to constantly learn and evolve.

The foundation of our success is found in the passion and dedication of our people. Collaboration is in our DNA. We take every opportunity to provide certainty and integrity to the process by championing each other and great work. We challenge not only ourselves but also our clients and conventions.

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