Operating at the intersection of branding and architecture, where people engage with brands.

A leading design and project management company specialising in the execution of branded environments.

Our story

Since 2000, we’ve been helping enterprise, government and creative agencies all over the world to realise the possibilities for their brands in the built environment.  We enable design using signage and wayfinding solutions to create branded environments.


We design

Ensuring the combination of industry knowledge and creative discipline to deliver truly innovative solutions.

We procure

Ensuring our specialist knowledge delivers the best value through the right supply chains.

We manage

Ensuring projects are delivered on brief, on time and on brand so our clients can trust in us with certainty.


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Longstanding relationships

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Exploring possibilities

We want better outcomes for everyone: our clients and their customers. When we talk about enabling design, our deepest desire is to capture and realise that idea, that brand; the essence of a business and what it stands for, and realise it in the real world. We’re always asking ‘why?’.

It’s a part of our DNA. We believe that exploring possibilities delivers smarter outcomes.


We help people realise the possibilities within their environments. To build, brand and innovate in them in a way that champions the design intent and truly brings a brand to life.

Our designs use colour, texture and so much more. Side-by-side with people from all walks and disciplines – constantly walking a tightrope of creative and rational –  from design to project management, to procurement.

We collaborate with brands and empower the ideas behind them help to bring them to life in the world around us. That’s what gives us our edge. We’ve become masters of a creative tension between right brain and left. And we put it to work.

Using a unique blend of design, management and procurement expertise we call our integrated services model to deliver projects such as architectural signage, multi-site rebranding and wayfinding.

We are the benchmark in signage and wayfinding. A fluid and dynamic consultancy that thrives on a culture that collides strategic, creative and technical expertise.

Expertise unparalleled

Diadem is a fluid and dynamic consultancy that thrives on a culture that collides strategic, creative and technical expertise. Whether it’s an airport, a shopping centre or a city skyline, we know it’s ultimately about people connecting with brands. We value their identity, recognise the tiniest details that can bring a brand to life and go on a journey with our clients to see it all come together.

We recognise when it’s the biggest rebranding project someone’s ever seen, or when it’s just a job that needs to get done.

Over the last 17 years, we’ve built a reputation for quality, dependability, creativity and consistency that makes us a leader in our industry.  Our uniqueness is core to the value we bring to every client. We don’t just design, just procure, or just manage. We do all three, and we do them at the highest calibre. Read more about our integrated services model here.

We combine the most experienced interdisciplinary team in signage and wayfinding with a breadth of unbiased expertise. We inform and inspire with not just our design work, but how we bring it together. From strategy and planning, through the logistics and implementation stages required to activate a branded environment – designing it, finding it and making it work.

It’s about catching that idea, that essence of what a business stands for – and realising that in the real world; finding it, designing it, making it work…

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